contacts for costumers

processing orders

Please address your enquiries to info@hammerwerk.cz

The contact person for technical consulting:

Mr. Zdeněk Glazer z.glazer@hammerwerk.cz tel. 00420 354 415 535

Contact to the Sales Department of our group (situated in the headquarters in Fridingen, Federal Republic of Germany) and to the sales reps in the individual countries can be found here.

centre of orders

The following managers are available for orders from our existing customers:

Mr. Martin Mezek m.mezek@hammerwerk.cz tel. 00420 354 415 565
Mrs. Dagmar Větrovcová d.vetrovcova@hammerwerk.cz tel. 00420 354 415 545


accounting department

The following head accountant is available for issues concerning matters of accounting and taxation for our existing customers :

Mrs. Kamila Říhová k.rihova@hammerwerk.cz tel. 00420 354 415 534